Recruitment Consultant Jobs – Why Now Is The Time To Apply

Recruitment consultant jobs are on the increase and they just might be the role that suits you best if you are looking for a rewarding career where hard work pays off; let me explain more.

The global economy is on the move and this time in the right direction. The last few years has seen a global recession with many companies either, ‘going to the wall’ or scaling down by having a job freeze or worse still making employees redundant.

On a positive note this is now changing and many organisations are recruiting again which is good news for all. So how do companies find new staff? Generally there are two ways organisations either; recruit themselves using time and resources they have internally or they hire in a team of professional recruiters.

Internal recruitment teams can vary in size and expertise. Depending on the size of the organisation they will often include people from the human resources function and people from the recruiting department. In some cases this might also include a project team if a large recruitment drive is happening. In most cases internal recruitment will still involve using recruitment agencies because of stretched internal resources.

For many companies using a recruitment company will save them both time and money in addition to providing access to a broader range of potential candidates. Why is this? The truth is a recruitment consultant can dedicate more time to the task and often with a higher level of knowledge of the available candidates. Add into this the latest awareness of the competition for talent and the value of the ‘consultant’ aspect of a recruitment consultant job is plain to see.

With employment increasing many organisations are turning to recruitment companies to supply their talent needs. This then results in a corresponding growth for recruitment companies who in turn have more vacancies for recruitment consultants.

A recruitment consultant in today’s economy has the potential to have a fulfilling, challenging and well paid job. Provided of course they are up for the role.

The good news is that gaining that role is easier than most people realise provided they have the grit and determination needed for any job that involves ‘ selling’ and ‘relationship’ building at various levels.

You can of course contact a company direct; though without prior knowledge of you or someone to ‘sell ‘you in to the hiring manager, it can be an uphill struggle.

An easier place to start is to contact a recruitment agency that specialises in the field. They are known as rec to rec companies. As the name implies they provide recruitment services exclusively to recruitment companies. Many of them specialise as well; either geographically or in specific sectors.

That means you will be able to find a rec to rec company based just in London or one that recruits consultants just for construction or retail or finance. In fact every business sector will have a rec to rec company where that is their speciality.

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